Puppies and Granny Squares

…..oh what an exciting week has it been for us. Not only have I finally managed to master a granny square Ela first granny square I have also made a larger one for the puppy which will be joining our family this weekend!puppy picpuppy blanketThe bets are on, how long will the blanket last? I’m convinced she will  not chew it and I’m sticking to it. The puppy is still called puppy, however we will have to make a decision soon. This has proven to be more difficult than naming our girls.


The sun is shining in the UK, snow is falling in South Africa (more than we had in the UK last winter) and for those of us who enjoy the football have a fantastic weekend filled with barbecues  and all things nice.

I will be playing with the puppy , if the girls let me that is.


Have a great weekend


love E x