Henley on Thames UK Yarn Bombing needs YOU!

Dear Knitters and Crocheters
Lady Sew and Sew is co-running the Henley Creative Festival in March 2014.
The Creative Festival is all about making Craft more “accessible” to individuals, rather than us all just admiring others great works.
There will be a number of mini workshops run throughout Henley.
Lady Sew and Sew will be running knitting and crochet classes, patchwork, dressmaking and Vilene mini workshops. They will also be demonstrating lots of techniques and will have a few lectures going on too.

This is how you can participate:
Henley is obviously on the river, and having just revamped the Marlow Shop to be mostly knitting and crochet, Lady Sew and Sew thought what could be better than to have a rowing boat covered in yarn?
Most knitters have the odd ball of yarn which is left over, so we would like to ask as many people as possible to get involved in making up squares which will then form a cover for a boat.
The boat is approximatively 2m long by 1.2m wide, with a seat in the middle (a plank).
It would be lovely to have it really bright, and possibly even with a sail.
There is a limited amount of yarn available at the store, which has been kindly been donated by Stylecraft, Sidar and Rowan.
The Festival is in March 2014, so we would be looking to get as many squares as possible by beginning of February. It would be great to gather a group together for the day, to organise the squares, put it together and then make the cover.
The boat will be on display at the Henley Warehouse throughout the Festival, as well as during the Henley Arts Trail, and the possibly at the Knitting and Stitching Show at the NEC, Olympia and Alexandra Palace over the following 12 months. If it looks good (which it will!) we should be able to get coverage in the local newspapers, Knit magazine and possibly even local TV.

We would absolutely love you to be part of this great project, in any way you think that you can. Please share this with family and friends, most definitely the more the merrier!

Once you have completed your square/s please label it/them with your name, email address and where in the world you have created it. This project is going global!

Let us see how far we can go with this. From the UK to South Africa, Iceland to China, Canada to Mexico? Who knows?

Please post your completed creations to:
Lady Sew and Sew Warehouse and Sewing Centre
Farm Road
Henley on Thames
United Kingdom

Perhaps you could mention that you heard about the project from “love to craft” and add a comment to this blog so we can look out for it too.

Here is a picture I have taken on the weekend where I was lucky enough to visit the Knitting and Stitching Fair at Alexandra Palace. I thought it might inspire you a little 😉
yarnbomb taxi

Thank you so much, I cannot wait to see the end result.

happy crafting


Yarn Bombing round 2

Back to yarn bombing we go.

I have been knitting like a mad women (which some of my friends now think I am) and have completed my second project. A very rusty pole opposite our house.

The vote is out – which do you prefer

the before

pole before


or the after?

pole after


I know where my vote goes. Once again, there have been so many kind comment from passers by, I love making my environment pretty.

Did you know that it is international yarn bombing month this month? I had no idea, but have seen some posts about it.

Now what will I cover next………?


Hope you are all having a great week




Yarn Bombing

I did it!!!

It was so much fun to knit a cover for our telephone mast, and on the weekend I finally managed to stitch it on. No sooner was I out there, help arrived and my kind neighbour helped secure the “coat” while I was stitching.yarn bombimg 1

I was very pleased that all people who walked past, loved our new home accessory too:-)

yarn bombing 2

I love the finished project, although looking at the photograph, maybe it needs to have a few additions?

Before I do that I have started to knit a cover for a very rusty pole opposite our home. Who knows what this might lead to?

I would love to see our village being transformed.

yarnbombing 3

Happy crafting xxx