no matter what the weather….

Ok, so now we have had the snow and the freezing temperatures to go with it, it almost feels like Spring is in the air.

I did enjoy the big freeze, but also know I’m very lucky as I have a warm and cozy home to go to and was able to light our fire too.

I hope you have all managed to keep warm.

I was so looking forward to visiting the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show in London Olympia, no snow was going to stop me! After walking to our train station, then finally catching a train London bound, with one change, only to be told the train driver had fallen ill and was waiting for an ambulance to collect him! Poor man, I do hope he is ok.

Plan C had to fall into plan, another train, tube and cab and I finally got there. I did race through the exhibition halls as I kept hearing the announcements that the trains will be delayed or cancelled in the afternoon due to the severe weather conditions. I left for  home earlier than planned, but did manage to find some really lovely bits and pieces, some red linen for a dress I need to make soon, some cashmere lace from Yarntelier, yup you guessed it……. for another scarf/shawl. Funny though, I cannot find a pattern that I like, so I used some inspiration of another shawl I had made in the summer and wrote my own pattern. I will keep you posted on that one. The inspiration will have to be credited to “Bettle’s bum” you can find the pattern on Ravelry.

I also found a lovely stall called Block Kraft with amongst other things sell the most beautiful wooded blocks for fabric printing. I’m so excited to introduce these in my weekend workshops. Do have a look at their shop on line.


There were also some very inspirational works from students on display.


So many things to do again, I love it.


lots of love


E x

so much to do, in so little time

Applogies for not posting any news in the last few weeks. It is exactly as they say, no news is good news!

So much has happened  in the last few weeks, I battle to keep up with it all.

It was my birthday and I turned 50! No matter what they say it is a rather scary number, however I am so pleased I made it this far. Just imagine what I can get up to in the next 50 years to come.

Thank you for so many wishes, flowers and many other kind gifts and messages. It was a really special day. birthday flowers guido poeny bday

My husband and I then spent a weekend in Venice. There are no words to describe it except if you happen to have a “bucket list” or what ever you might like to call it, Venice has to feature. We had a fantastic weekend. This photograph was taken from the Bridge of Sighs.


I would also like to thank Nicola and Amanda who popped into Purl Soho while visiting New York and brought back some absolutely beautiful bits and pieces for me.

The wool is from Blue Sky and is an alpaca and silk blend. It is called Metalica and is also available at Loop in London.

purl soho stashWatch this space for a delicious shawl which will be created with great gusto.

Now, it is back to real life and thank goodness that also means getting down to some serious crafting. This will have to take place in the kitchen today . I have been given a box of cherries which need to be turned into jam.

With or without pips, what do you think?


Hope  you are having a great week too


love, Ex



PS: How could I forget? The Wool Warehouse are having a super sale on their Drops products.The sale ends on 31st May. If you are in need of some wool, and who is not in need of some wool? Make sure you have a look.





What a lovely world

Good morning

After a few weeks of happy crafting and an ill family  the sun is still shining! I love to wake in the morning and  to feel and see the sun shine down on me. It awakens the sunnier side of my soul.

It has been so lovely to have my niece visiting, a great excuse to go on  a few day trips, Brighton being one of them. The sun was shining and fish and chips was enjoyed on the pebbly beach while observing the screams of laughter as well as terror from the nearby Brighton Pier.


A little handy information I stumbled upon. There is a website called ParkatmyHouse You log on find a “driveway” in the town you are visiting, pay via paypal and park for a fraction of the price charged by commercial car parks. I was rather pleased with this and will definitely be using them again.


I have been doing a little knitting and sewing too. Finally my cape is complete, a lovely seaweed and silk wool from Artisan YarnsEla shawl

and I have put my hand to some sewing, totally inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee Ela Frida dress


…….which reminds me to remind you of the C&H competition which is running at the moment. All Entries need to be in by May 3rd. It will be great fun to enter, I’m working on a blouse as I type (well not literally) and will be entering  it.




The other exciting news is that I have finally opened my Etsy Shop, there are  a few items and hopefully there will be many more real soon. Please have a look and let me know what  you think?


One of the highlights of my holiday has been a 2 day ceramic workshop where I could throw pots and bowls to my hearts content. The only promise I had to make was that they will all nest into each other as we have run out of space for all my fabulous ceramic creations.Ela pottery 2 Ela pottery1 I cannot wait to have them bisque fired and then glazed. Oh, but how will I glaze them? Which colour should I choose? Should I decorate and then glaze? I better decide soon.

Until then we will enjoy Easter with all its trimmings as I hope you will too.


My craft ladies are back next week, ready for a new term of colourful and creative master pieces.


Have a lovely Easter


Love E xxx