My blouse on the Great British Sewing Bee

Great excitement as the Great British Sewing Bee is back!

Now would you believe that Amanda is wearing a blouse the sewing beejust like the one I made for our local sewing bee competition which was held last year and organised by C&H?


I did not add the little bow ties, but just have a look at this.

Well, what can I say? I obviously lead the path.

Not sure about Patrick’s moustache, but loving the program.


Hope you are enjoying it too


love E x



..oh this is Christmas…

It is starting to get a little colder, the frost is crisp in the morning and my home is smelling of delicious roasted nuts. (Recipe can be found on last years post)

roasted nuts

We have decorated the Christmas tree ( I have a very special little glass which I only use when decorating the tree) and we are listening to Christmas Carols. I  do love this time of year.xmas tree decorating



We have been all been so busy in the craft classes, Rachel has complete her gorgeous cowl,

rachel snood

Jackie has made the most beautiful Christmas stockings, (please note the little one, which is for the cat) Jackie xmas xtockingand Liz has made the most clever and effective Christmas napkins.

Take 2 half circles of the same size, but of different fabric, stitch together and voila a Christmas Tree Napkin.liz chrostmas tree napkin



When watching Kirstie Allsop’s home made Christmas I was inspired to make my own wreath for our front door, I rather like the simplicity and the fact that  jungles when the door is opened.wreath 2014

I also rather like the advent candles this yearadvents kranz


The great advantage of living in the northern hemisphere, it gets dark so early at least you get to light loads of candles.


Last Tuesday was the last market at Kempton Park where I always manage to get the most stunning mistletoe. I stand under it often and am lucky that my daughter comes to the rescue and I get lots of kisses.mistleto


Last but not least, some of us managed to go for lunch this week. It was a lovely afternoon and delicious too.

l2c lunch








I believe it is only 11 sleeps till Christmas and I hope that they will be as calm as possible for you all.

Sending  you lots of love

E x

lovely September

I’m really sad that our Summer is slowly but surely coming to an end, however I’m loving our September. The days start and end crisp and chilly and are so sunny and warm during the day.

We are all enjoying getting back into our various routines, being school, work or taking Tiger for longer walks, (she is allowed a 20 minute walk now 🙂 ).


It also means that we are back at our craft classes, with news ideas, new members and tons of creativity. Ann has wasted no time and has already completed her first project.


She bought the waxed fabric while on holiday in France and Voila, an apron is made! See, it really is that simple.IMG_5828

There are many things to look forward to in the next few weeks, longer nights do mean more time to knit, right?

Lots of talk going on about The Handmade Fair being held at Hampton Court next week (19th – 21st September)

the handmade fair
I have not decided yet if I will be going, then again I really ought to, don’t  you think? It would give me loads of new blog material and some creative ideas and finding new suppliers and,  and,  and…………
It is also the time to start thinking about seasonal gifts, yes we do need time to prepare. I will be offering several workshops in felting, wet and needle and also knitting the continental way and in the round while using different wools at the same time.
I hope that you have all had a great summer and look forward to hearing about your projects
love E x

We are back

thursday class
Oh yes, we are back and are full of spirits and many creative ideas.

Kate has started her first jersey, which will be so lovely. Lisa has delighted us with her stitched, embroidered and printed place-mats.

Charlotte and Kate are embroidering linen tea towels which this far are for display only. I would not want anybody drying their hands on these either.

Rachel is just about to complete her rather glamourous cardigan – well done for not giving up, it is looking stunning!

Michelle is very patiently embroidering the finest most delicate cross stitch I have ever seen. It will take a while to complete, but will  be one of those pieces which will stay in the family for many generations to come.

We have 2 new members, a big welcome to Amanda and Nicola who have introduced us to the world of Crewel.

amanda and nicola

I did not have the faintest idea what Crewel was, but thanks to A&N I now do.

Amanda crewel

This is so beautiful, you need to see it up close to really appreciate the delicate embroidery.

I’m also very pleased with my blouse which I made in the Easter break and have now entered in the C&H Sewing Bee Competition.

I used a Liberty Lawn, a lovely fabric to work with.

It even has shoulder pads, oh yes, remember those ?

Please hold thumbs for me, hopefully I should hear back by the end of May.


I hope you are having a great week too.

love E x

What a lovely world

Good morning

After a few weeks of happy crafting and an ill family  the sun is still shining! I love to wake in the morning and  to feel and see the sun shine down on me. It awakens the sunnier side of my soul.

It has been so lovely to have my niece visiting, a great excuse to go on  a few day trips, Brighton being one of them. The sun was shining and fish and chips was enjoyed on the pebbly beach while observing the screams of laughter as well as terror from the nearby Brighton Pier.


A little handy information I stumbled upon. There is a website called ParkatmyHouse You log on find a “driveway” in the town you are visiting, pay via paypal and park for a fraction of the price charged by commercial car parks. I was rather pleased with this and will definitely be using them again.


I have been doing a little knitting and sewing too. Finally my cape is complete, a lovely seaweed and silk wool from Artisan YarnsEla shawl

and I have put my hand to some sewing, totally inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee Ela Frida dress


…….which reminds me to remind you of the C&H competition which is running at the moment. All Entries need to be in by May 3rd. It will be great fun to enter, I’m working on a blouse as I type (well not literally) and will be entering  it.




The other exciting news is that I have finally opened my Etsy Shop, there are  a few items and hopefully there will be many more real soon. Please have a look and let me know what  you think?


One of the highlights of my holiday has been a 2 day ceramic workshop where I could throw pots and bowls to my hearts content. The only promise I had to make was that they will all nest into each other as we have run out of space for all my fabulous ceramic creations.Ela pottery 2 Ela pottery1 I cannot wait to have them bisque fired and then glazed. Oh, but how will I glaze them? Which colour should I choose? Should I decorate and then glaze? I better decide soon.

Until then we will enjoy Easter with all its trimmings as I hope you will too.


My craft ladies are back next week, ready for a new term of colourful and creative master pieces.


Have a lovely Easter


Love E xxx

Knitted sheep and a little more………

Where does the time go? Too busy crafting I guess.

It  has been a busy time here at Love to Craft, many new projects and a new baby too.

Congratulations to Karen and Thomas on the birth of a girl, I cannot wait to meet her. I have made the hat so now I need to see if it fits 🙂

Helena Hat


Lorraine has been feeling the love………..Lorraine Heart


……….and Lisa has been super sewing bee with this lovely apronLisa apron


You might know that my other passion ( I have many) is making pottery. I’m very proud of my latest piece Ela vase so much fun to make. I’m really pleased with the way the glaze turned out, not always predictable.

Caroline has very quietly started kintting a little farm, the first cuties look so sweet!Caroline's sheep


We were very busy bees yesterday at our tea cosy felting workshop. These are the felted tea cosies, drying and waiting to be embellished further today.

3 tea cosies

There has also been lots happening around and about. Please remember the C&H Sewing Bee competition. Please click on link for further details. I’m hoping to take part. Did I just put that in writing? Yikes, I better get going then!

Create a festival of creativity in Henley on Thames is comming up (29-30March) this weekend. Remember the post about yarn bombing a boat for Henley? Well, if you visit the Create Festival you can get knitting a crocheting straight away and your creation will be added to the boat. Thank you again to all of you who have given me your squares, I have pass them on to Lady Sew and Sew and they will be used. Cannot wait to see the lovely yarn bombed boat 🙂


We also have the Henley Arts Trail to look forward to. It takes place on Sat3rd May – Mon 5th May.A lovely day out with so much to see and do.


As you can see, lots is happening and so much more to look forward to.


Have a great weekend and happy crafting


love  E x



Free Patterns, Fairs and other bits

Good morning

It might be half-term for us in the UK, but that means more time to research and to knit of coarse.

I  spent some of my time on Pinterest, my favourite site of all, and found this fun website.

You key in your measurements and it will tell you which style of clothing suites your body shape the best. Not that we don’t know that already, a little bit of fun if you have too much time on your hands. It is half-term after all.

As you might know, I love to knit and one of my favourite stores, if not the best store ever, is Loop based in Islington, London.

It is so beautiful, with so many choices of wool and gorgeous patterns. I receive their email updates, which I look forward to. There are often free patterns with advice and many other interesting information.

Which leads me to Kate, who is in knitting mania, creating one beautiful hat after another.Kate hat 2

Will we be getting the colder weather to sport our new creations?

If you have some spare time this weekend (21.22.23 February): Unravel….a festival of knitting at the Farnham Maltings, is the place to go. It looks  good and I’m sure will be very inspiring.


If you enjoy embroidery Caroline Zoob ( I have one of her books: The Hand Stitched Home) is hosting some workshops in a private house near Guilford, Surrey.

I would like to make just about every project in her book.

email or telephone 07929 826052 for more info


So back to the couch and my knitting…………..I wish this would be the case. It will have to be the house work first,  but I have my girls home to help, if and when they decide to part with their beds 🙂


Have a great week


love E x

the rain will not stop us…….

Hello from the very wet and windy Ascot.

We do live on an Island, but unfortunately a very damp one at the momet. Luckily for us we have our crafting to keep us busy and smiling.

Kate has  inspired me to knit while overseeing the homework. It keeps me calm, no matter how long the homework takes. Should it take a little longer? Oh goody,another few rows done 🙂 I actulay look forward to homework time now as does my daughter. Far more importantly, she is making great progress too.

We have all been rather busy, Michelle could be persuaded to “disguise” a few holes on her favourite jumper with some needle felting michelle jersey lovely result and done in no time at all.

She also completed her first knitted project, a really lovely hat Harrison Hatespecially when being modelled by such a cutie.


Lisa, as always, rustles up master pieces in no time Lisa bird cushion 1 and Kate has been making quilts for her daughters friend!kate birthday quilt Exactly , just what I thought, we need to get on that friends list 😉

Kate has also been busy knittingKate scarf. I just love the colours of this scarf. kate scarThe wool is from Noro and is available in many stores, best to look it up on line.

I have been a little busy too. I have made a coat, a really warm coat, so if it stops to rain and start to snow I’ll be just fine. Ela's coatIt’s actually a lovely pink, sorry not such a good picture. It was great fun to make, except I ended up with very pink fingers and a very pink iron?

I hope you are well and dry and look forward to next weeks crafts.

happy crafting E x

We have been so busy……….

Hello again.
I have so many lovely things to share with you. The lampshade I was talking about is almost complete. You have to agree that this will be the highlight of the new home it is going to!
Lorraine lampshade

I have completed my Alpaca jumper, it has even had it’s first outing 🙂Ela xmas jersey….very toasty indeed.

A little while ago a friend sent me a rather distressed message, she had washed her merino wool jumper and it was less than half the size. Did I have any use for it? As I never say no, I gratefully accepted and after a little thought and input from my lovely craft ladies made the sleeves into wrist warmers.Leila handwarmers It was so much fun and even nicer that I could give her a little something of her jumper back. So don’t despair should you end up with a small jumper, turn it into a piece that you will love again.
Lisa is back on the sewing machine, in no time this beautiful cushion was made.Lisa bird cushion
Caroline is getting better and better at crocheting caroline box and Ann has learnt to sew with her brand new sewing machine. Ann HiggensAnn Cushion

Natalie has been creating gifts for family and friends and Iola is cursing me as she is staying up till the early hours in the morning to complete her projects.Natalie scarfNatalie Iola

Michelle has started to knit too, watch this space……..

As you can see, we have a real melting pot of craft and a lot of fun too.

Have a fabulous week

happy crafting E x

Happy Birthday (s)

What a lovely week it has been once again. New friends have been made and we have all been so creative.
It was Karen’s birthday Karen birthday

and it will be Lisa’s daughters birthday too. We are all in awe of Lisa, she designed, cut, stitched and cmpleted the lovely teenager bunting all in our session. She even had time to have a cup of tea and a piece of cake. How does she do this?
Look at the result teenager bunting amazing, isn’t it!

We have new ladies join too, so lovely to have you with us.

I have completed the ballet bag and my daughter is delighted too. Maxime ballet bag

So all in all all a very productive week once again.

The dates for the needle felting workshops have been set. Learn how to make some Christmas decorations of even a few hand made gifts. It is so special to receive a gift that has been hand made.

Dates are as follows:
Saturday 16th November – 2.30 – 5pm (how about some mother and daughters craft together?)
Friday 22nd November 10 – 12.30pm
Thursday 28th November 7.30 – 10pm

Cost for the workshop is £35 and includes all raw materials. You will be able to keep the tools so you can continue the felting at home too 🙂
Booking is essential and places are limited so please let me know soonest if you are interested.

I will be attending a felt making workshop on the weekend, where I will be learning how to felt a hat. Cannot wait 🙂

Have a great week

Happy crafting