upcoming workshops



Please have a look at the upcoming workshops and let me know if you would like to join.


They will be great fun.

xmas stocking plain


Saturday 25th Oct 1pm-3pm – learn to knit

(ideal for beginners) £30

Wednesday 29th October 10.30am – 12.30pm,

needle felting £30

Wednesday 29th October 7.30pm – 9.30pm,

needle felting £30

Saturday 8th November 1pm – 3.30pm,

sew a little bag £40

Saturday 15th November 1pm – 3pm,

needle felting £30

Monday 17th November 10am – 2.30pm – wet felt a Christmas Stocking £65 (includes light lunch)

Friday 28th November 11am – 1pm,

knitting the continental way £25

Saturday 29th November 1pm – 3pm – embroider Christmas decorations, napkin rings £30

Saturday 6th December 1pm – 3pm – make and embroider your own hand warmers £30

Price includes material, a lovely cup of tea and hopefully whatever has come out the oven that day. 🙂

Classes will be held in Sunninghill. 100% payment to be done at the time of booking. Maximum of 6 students per class.

love Ex

wet felting workshop

Wet felting Workshop 

Monday 17th November 2014 10am – 2.30pm £65

Create your very own individual Christmas stocking.  Santa will not be able to ignore this one 🙂

Price includes material, a light lunch, lovely cup of tea and hopefully whatever has come out the oven that day.



xmas stocking plain

Classes will be held in Sunninghill.

100% payment to be done at the time of booking. Maximum of 6 students per class.

Full refund of payment can only be given if the space can be filled by another student. Should I have to cancel a workshop, which is highly unlikely you be entitled to a full refund.

Please have  a look at my fb for further workshops and updates.

love E x 




Needle felting workshops

Wednesday 29th October 2014 10 10.30am – 12.30pm £30

Wednesday 29th October 2014 7.30pm – 9.30pm £30

Saturday 15th November  2014 1pm – 3pm £30


The very original way to make wool into felt. Create your own individual creations and embellishments.

Try your hand at Christmas decorations and so much more.

felt teddynoel flowers

This workshop is also suited for children (age 8 – 80)


Price includes material, a lovely cup of tea and hopefully whatever has come out the oven that day.

Classes will be held in Sunninghill.

100% payment to be done at the time of booking. Maximum of 6 students per class.

Full refund of payment can only be given if the space can be filled by another student. Should I have to cancel a workshop, which is highly unlikely you be entitled to a full refund.

Please have  a look at my fb for further workshops and updates.

love E x 

lovely September

I’m really sad that our Summer is slowly but surely coming to an end, however I’m loving our September. The days start and end crisp and chilly and are so sunny and warm during the day.

We are all enjoying getting back into our various routines, being school, work or taking Tiger for longer walks, (she is allowed a 20 minute walk now 🙂 ).


It also means that we are back at our craft classes, with news ideas, new members and tons of creativity. Ann has wasted no time and has already completed her first project.


She bought the waxed fabric while on holiday in France and Voila, an apron is made! See, it really is that simple.IMG_5828

There are many things to look forward to in the next few weeks, longer nights do mean more time to knit, right?

Lots of talk going on about The Handmade Fair being held at Hampton Court next week (19th – 21st September)

the handmade fair
I have not decided yet if I will be going, then again I really ought to, don’t  you think? It would give me loads of new blog material and some creative ideas and finding new suppliers and,  and,  and…………
It is also the time to start thinking about seasonal gifts, yes we do need time to prepare. I will be offering several workshops in felting, wet and needle and also knitting the continental way and in the round while using different wools at the same time.
I hope that you have all had a great summer and look forward to hearing about your projects
love E x

Knitted sheep and a little more………

Where does the time go? Too busy crafting I guess.

It  has been a busy time here at Love to Craft, many new projects and a new baby too.

Congratulations to Karen and Thomas on the birth of a girl, I cannot wait to meet her. I have made the hat so now I need to see if it fits 🙂

Helena Hat


Lorraine has been feeling the love………..Lorraine Heart


……….and Lisa has been super sewing bee with this lovely apronLisa apron


You might know that my other passion ( I have many) is making pottery. I’m very proud of my latest piece Ela vase so much fun to make. I’m really pleased with the way the glaze turned out, not always predictable.

Caroline has very quietly started kintting a little farm, the first cuties look so sweet!Caroline's sheep


We were very busy bees yesterday at our tea cosy felting workshop. These are the felted tea cosies, drying and waiting to be embellished further today.

3 tea cosies

There has also been lots happening around and about. Please remember the C&H Sewing Bee competition. Please click on link for further details. I’m hoping to take part. Did I just put that in writing? Yikes, I better get going then!

Create a festival of creativity in Henley on Thames is comming up (29-30March) this weekend. Remember the post about yarn bombing a boat for Henley? Well, if you visit the Create Festival you can get knitting a crocheting straight away and your creation will be added to the boat. Thank you again to all of you who have given me your squares, I have pass them on to Lady Sew and Sew and they will be used. Cannot wait to see the lovely yarn bombed boat 🙂


We also have the Henley Arts Trail to look forward to. It takes place on Sat3rd May – Mon 5th May.A lovely day out with so much to see and do.


As you can see, lots is happening and so much more to look forward to.


Have a great weekend and happy crafting


love  E x



……and finally some roasted nuts………..

Our craft classes have come to an end, thank goodness only for 2013. We will be back in January with new projects and being even more creative.
Once again it was all systems go this week. I hosted a lovely workshop in wet felting where we made some really beaitiful tea-cosies.3x teacosy

I would like to remind you that cupcakes come in all shapes and sizes.
It was real fun. The inspiration came from Gillian Gladrag.ela tea cosy

We all made the most of our last meeting, nibbling on some lovely little treats. The roasted nuts where very popular so I promised to share the recipe. So here we go:
chilli nuts
Chilli nuts – makes about 3 cups

You can use any nuts you like but I have found that cashews, pecans and walnuts are particularly good!  Hazelnuts are good but brazils are slightly too big I think!  They can be roasted or not.

3 cups of nuts
3/4 cup white sugar
1/2 tsp dried chilli flakes (I like it quite hot so do put in a bit more).
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 tsp salt
2 tbsp vegetable oil.

Spread nuts on baking sheet and put in oven (180 degrees).  If already roasted then put in for 10 mins, otherwise for 15-20 mins until they change colour.  Take out and cool on the side slightly.

1)  Heat oil, chilli flakes and cayenne over a medium heat.
2)  When hot add nuts.  Stir-fry until all nuts are coated with oil (20 secs).
3)  Add salt and sugar.  Stir-fry until all sugar has dissolved.
4)  Remove from heat and tip nuts onto a sheet or parchment or wax paper.  Allow to cool.  Spread them out as much as you can and have a taste at this point.  You can sprinkle more chilli flakes on if you need to.  Also, you may need more salt.

Break them up and enjoy!

During the week some Christmas cards came through the door, amongst them this beautiful card! Caroline Christmas card..would you believe that Caroline, the lovely creator of this card, was not able to crochet only a week ago? This card is not only beautiful, but the crocheting is perfect! I ‘m really so proud of you Caroline.

I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, a lovely festive and peaceful time and don’t forget to take some time for yourself to maybe even create a little something for you?

lots of love and happy holidays from all of us crafty ladies 🙂wednesday gropu

xmas 2013 group…this does include Rosie, Cath and Natalie too xx picture will come next time.

workshops, birthdays, Christmas……….

Yes, I did manage to get to the Renegade fair in London last weekend. My friend and I braved the torrential rains and headed off. When we finally found the entrance to the fair (took a few trips round the building) we were faced with many enthusiastic crafters, some who were really great and others who were not so great. If I’m totally honest (which I usually am) I was a little disappointed. I expected there to me greater diversity and also more exhibitors. Never the less we had a great time and a most delicious meal at a Thai Restaurant called Rosa’s Thai Cafe.

I have had such a lovely week, thank you to all the ladies who have attended craft classes and workshops this week. I’m learning so much about crafting, but also about many other topics too.
Have you heard about Harry Eastwood? She writes the most interesting and amazing cookery books. Thank you Sarah for telling me about her and to Rachel for bring along her book for me to have a look at. I cannot wait to try the first recipe, just having great difficulty to decide which one?

There has been great progress with our projects and we have started to seriously look at Christmas decorations. All the ladies are so creative, just look at these lovely pictures.angis hearts 2 These adorable hearts have been created by Angi and have Hans Christian Andersen Christmas illustrations. What a fantastic idea.

Kate K has completed her first apron yeah!! it looks so good!kates apron

Charlotte is making slippers, they are beautiful charlotte slippers

Kate G has made a felting bunting, I love the colours it looks so beautiful hung up! Kates Stars

I had my first adult beading workshop which was a great success with all ladies going home with a really lovely piece of jewellery bead workshop cakesbeading workshop table……….
……….and I have decided to knit a pair of socks 🙂ela socks1……..

………I haven’t knitted socks for over 10 years so about time I start. Thanks to German engineering at it’s best I will end up with some lovely stripes without having to change thread at all. Have a look at their website, they have all kind of free patterns to download and off you go. As I added the link I read that I was supposed to knit the wool from the outside of the ball and not the inside ggggrrrrrr. I will have to start again, although it does not look too bad don’t you think?

Now off to start another lovely week with even some snow predicted?

Have a great week


Oh so good to be back…….

Oh it’s so good to be back and crafting again.
We had a fantastic break doing very little, but reading and eating even more. I had all good intentions to practice my heart crochets and even managed 2,but ended up giving one to a new friend.
I did manage to crochet on the plane, a great way to pass the time, they did not take my lethal weapon away from me (my crochet hook is wooden) and I could crochet away.crochet plane

Yesterday and today showed a hive of activity with so many new ideas and projects too.group pic

Don’t you just love it when a project comes together? I get so excited when I see ladies trying something new and succeeding!serviette ring These beautiful serviette rings are hand embroidered.
stripey hat
Wouldn’t you like to own such a colourful hat? Rainbow colours to brighten up our rather grey days.

You might remember me talking about the Renegade Fair London Well it is on this weekend and even more exciting I will be going to visit it! My dear friend will be joining me and I soooo look forward to it. If you manage to be close to London make sure you pop by. I have no doubt that it will be very exciting and inspiring too.

My needle felting workshops are taking place this month, this will be so exciting too. There are so many ideas on what to do. If you would like to attend the dates are as follows (booking is essential)
Saturday 16th November – 2.30 – 5pm (how about some mother and daughters craft together?)
Friday 22nd November 10 – 12.30pm
Thursday 28th November 7.30 – 10pm

Have a fantastic weekend

Happy crafting


Felting a hat!

what an exciting weekend I have had. I’m still smiling and it has inspired me so much to do more felting.
I was so lucky to go on a felt hat making course taught by Gillian from Gilliangladrag in Dorking.
There were only three ladies one the course which made it very intimate and left lots of room for me to ask so many questions. We chose our shape and colours and off we went. If you have wet felted before you will know what I’m talking about, if not you just have to try this.It is so much fun.ela hat spots
Little did I know that you have to try on the hat during the felting process which means it is totally wet and very soapy too. Makes perfect sense, just so glad I was not meeting anybody on my way home.
Here is my finished result, I’m really proud and happily looking forward to the colder weather. ela final hat
I brought the hat home only for it to be taken by my daughter who is delighted with it, however this one I will not share……yet:-) I might just have to make another one.

I found a lovely design on Pinterest I believe it is from GAP? anyway I made this into a card for our anniversary, just so cute and even easier to copy.Iouu owl
Lots of activity from our lovely craft ladies tooMichelle xmas skirt
This will be a skirt for a Christmas Tree – how amazing is that?! It has taken a while, but I know will look absolutely beautiful when complete.

So looking forward to seeing my ladies tonight and tomorrow morning. I’m sure there will be lots to talk about

Happy crafting

Happy Birthday (s)

What a lovely week it has been once again. New friends have been made and we have all been so creative.
It was Karen’s birthday Karen birthday

and it will be Lisa’s daughters birthday too. We are all in awe of Lisa, she designed, cut, stitched and cmpleted the lovely teenager bunting all in our session. She even had time to have a cup of tea and a piece of cake. How does she do this?
Look at the result teenager bunting amazing, isn’t it!

We have new ladies join too, so lovely to have you with us.

I have completed the ballet bag and my daughter is delighted too. Maxime ballet bag

So all in all all a very productive week once again.

The dates for the needle felting workshops have been set. Learn how to make some Christmas decorations of even a few hand made gifts. It is so special to receive a gift that has been hand made.

Dates are as follows:
Saturday 16th November – 2.30 – 5pm (how about some mother and daughters craft together?)
Friday 22nd November 10 – 12.30pm
Thursday 28th November 7.30 – 10pm

Cost for the workshop is £35 and includes all raw materials. You will be able to keep the tools so you can continue the felting at home too 🙂
Booking is essential and places are limited so please let me know soonest if you are interested.

I will be attending a felt making workshop on the weekend, where I will be learning how to felt a hat. Cannot wait 🙂

Have a great week

Happy crafting