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Oh what to do with an ill daughter who needs to stay in bed? As a sign of solidarity stay in bed too, that was my thought this morning.

Finally I had time to peruse my latest Landscape magazine which I did, almost cover to cover, until I reached the article about Amanda Perkins who crochets the most beautiful blankets.Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.11.53.png

I just love, love,love the colours! The best is still to come – Amanda’s blankets will be exhibited at the Unravel Fair at the Farnham Maltings this weekend! Oh yes, I have planned to visit.

The fair is on all weekend (Friday – Sunday) I have visited the last two years and can thoroughly recommend you do too. It is small enough to manage and big enough to maintain the interest, the most lovely wools and inspiration galore.


Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.20.54.png

Well what is left to say, but to see you there (thank goodness husband can look after ill daughter)


love E x

Puppies and Granny Squares

…..oh what an exciting week has it been for us. Not only have I finally managed to master a granny square Ela first granny square I have also made a larger one for the puppy which will be joining our family this weekend!puppy picpuppy blanketThe bets are on, how long will the blanket last? I’m convinced she will  not chew it and I’m sticking to it. The puppy is still called puppy, however we will have to make a decision soon. This has proven to be more difficult than naming our girls.


The sun is shining in the UK, snow is falling in South Africa (more than we had in the UK last winter) and for those of us who enjoy the football have a fantastic weekend filled with barbecues  and all things nice.

I will be playing with the puppy , if the girls let me that is.


Have a great weekend


love E x


……and finally some roasted nuts………..

Our craft classes have come to an end, thank goodness only for 2013. We will be back in January with new projects and being even more creative.
Once again it was all systems go this week. I hosted a lovely workshop in wet felting where we made some really beaitiful tea-cosies.3x teacosy

I would like to remind you that cupcakes come in all shapes and sizes.
It was real fun. The inspiration came from Gillian Gladrag.ela tea cosy

We all made the most of our last meeting, nibbling on some lovely little treats. The roasted nuts where very popular so I promised to share the recipe. So here we go:
chilli nuts
Chilli nuts – makes about 3 cups

You can use any nuts you like but I have found that cashews, pecans and walnuts are particularly good!  Hazelnuts are good but brazils are slightly too big I think!  They can be roasted or not.

3 cups of nuts
3/4 cup white sugar
1/2 tsp dried chilli flakes (I like it quite hot so do put in a bit more).
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 tsp salt
2 tbsp vegetable oil.

Spread nuts on baking sheet and put in oven (180 degrees).  If already roasted then put in for 10 mins, otherwise for 15-20 mins until they change colour.  Take out and cool on the side slightly.

1)  Heat oil, chilli flakes and cayenne over a medium heat.
2)  When hot add nuts.  Stir-fry until all nuts are coated with oil (20 secs).
3)  Add salt and sugar.  Stir-fry until all sugar has dissolved.
4)  Remove from heat and tip nuts onto a sheet or parchment or wax paper.  Allow to cool.  Spread them out as much as you can and have a taste at this point.  You can sprinkle more chilli flakes on if you need to.  Also, you may need more salt.

Break them up and enjoy!

During the week some Christmas cards came through the door, amongst them this beautiful card! Caroline Christmas card..would you believe that Caroline, the lovely creator of this card, was not able to crochet only a week ago? This card is not only beautiful, but the crocheting is perfect! I ‘m really so proud of you Caroline.

I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, a lovely festive and peaceful time and don’t forget to take some time for yourself to maybe even create a little something for you?

lots of love and happy holidays from all of us crafty ladies 🙂wednesday gropu

xmas 2013 group…this does include Rosie, Cath and Natalie too xx picture will come next time.

workshops, birthdays, Christmas……….

Yes, I did manage to get to the Renegade fair in London last weekend. My friend and I braved the torrential rains and headed off. When we finally found the entrance to the fair (took a few trips round the building) we were faced with many enthusiastic crafters, some who were really great and others who were not so great. If I’m totally honest (which I usually am) I was a little disappointed. I expected there to me greater diversity and also more exhibitors. Never the less we had a great time and a most delicious meal at a Thai Restaurant called Rosa’s Thai Cafe.

I have had such a lovely week, thank you to all the ladies who have attended craft classes and workshops this week. I’m learning so much about crafting, but also about many other topics too.
Have you heard about Harry Eastwood? She writes the most interesting and amazing cookery books. Thank you Sarah for telling me about her and to Rachel for bring along her book for me to have a look at. I cannot wait to try the first recipe, just having great difficulty to decide which one?

There has been great progress with our projects and we have started to seriously look at Christmas decorations. All the ladies are so creative, just look at these lovely pictures.angis hearts 2 These adorable hearts have been created by Angi and have Hans Christian Andersen Christmas illustrations. What a fantastic idea.

Kate K has completed her first apron yeah!! it looks so good!kates apron

Charlotte is making slippers, they are beautiful charlotte slippers

Kate G has made a felting bunting, I love the colours it looks so beautiful hung up! Kates Stars

I had my first adult beading workshop which was a great success with all ladies going home with a really lovely piece of jewellery bead workshop cakesbeading workshop table……….
……….and I have decided to knit a pair of socks 🙂ela socks1……..

………I haven’t knitted socks for over 10 years so about time I start. Thanks to German engineering at it’s best I will end up with some lovely stripes without having to change thread at all. Have a look at their website, they have all kind of free patterns to download and off you go. As I added the link I read that I was supposed to knit the wool from the outside of the ball and not the inside ggggrrrrrr. I will have to start again, although it does not look too bad don’t you think?

Now off to start another lovely week with even some snow predicted?

Have a great week


Fairs and a little more

another week has flown by and I can only now feel that I’m recovering from the excitement of being at the Knit and Stitch Fair at London Alexandra Palace. I was so overwhelmed by all the lovely yarns and products on offer that I found it difficult to choose or make a rational decision on any.
One of the first stands I visited was Namolio a beautiful store which specialises in mostly linen supplies for sewing, knitting, crocheting and other related crafts. Have a look at the lovely colours.Namolio
They will also be having a stall at “Thread” exhibition and show on November 3rd at Farnham Maltings. I’m sure this will be worth a visit.

I also finally had the opportunity to see Habu (a Japanese supplier specialising in “different” yarns, stainless steel, paper, linen to mention only a few)in all it’s glory. The yarns are all so beautiful it is just not possible to like only one. Fortunately they sold little sample packs. I did feel like a child in a sweetie shop.

Habu wool

If you are in the mood to go browsing there is also the Contemporary Craft&Design Fair at Wellington College 25-27th October

We have some new members at our craft classesAngi wool and were once again celebrating a birthday.Kate1 bday
Rachel completed the most beautiful scarf. Lots of beautifully designed and crocheted rounds stitched together to make a scarf.Rachel scarf

The lovely thing about anything hand made, there will always only be one like it, never to be repeated. I know it is easy to buy on the high street, just doesn’t have the same feel, does it?

Wishing you a crafty weekend. I will be trying to transform our rather unsightly cupboard doors……wish me luck

happy crafting


Henley on Thames UK Yarn Bombing needs YOU!

Dear Knitters and Crocheters
Lady Sew and Sew is co-running the Henley Creative Festival in March 2014.
The Creative Festival is all about making Craft more “accessible” to individuals, rather than us all just admiring others great works.
There will be a number of mini workshops run throughout Henley.
Lady Sew and Sew will be running knitting and crochet classes, patchwork, dressmaking and Vilene mini workshops. They will also be demonstrating lots of techniques and will have a few lectures going on too.

This is how you can participate:
Henley is obviously on the river, and having just revamped the Marlow Shop to be mostly knitting and crochet, Lady Sew and Sew thought what could be better than to have a rowing boat covered in yarn?
Most knitters have the odd ball of yarn which is left over, so we would like to ask as many people as possible to get involved in making up squares which will then form a cover for a boat.
The boat is approximatively 2m long by 1.2m wide, with a seat in the middle (a plank).
It would be lovely to have it really bright, and possibly even with a sail.
There is a limited amount of yarn available at the store, which has been kindly been donated by Stylecraft, Sidar and Rowan.
The Festival is in March 2014, so we would be looking to get as many squares as possible by beginning of February. It would be great to gather a group together for the day, to organise the squares, put it together and then make the cover.
The boat will be on display at the Henley Warehouse throughout the Festival, as well as during the Henley Arts Trail, and the possibly at the Knitting and Stitching Show at the NEC, Olympia and Alexandra Palace over the following 12 months. If it looks good (which it will!) we should be able to get coverage in the local newspapers, Knit magazine and possibly even local TV.

We would absolutely love you to be part of this great project, in any way you think that you can. Please share this with family and friends, most definitely the more the merrier!

Once you have completed your square/s please label it/them with your name, email address and where in the world you have created it. This project is going global!

Let us see how far we can go with this. From the UK to South Africa, Iceland to China, Canada to Mexico? Who knows?

Please post your completed creations to:
Lady Sew and Sew Warehouse and Sewing Centre
Farm Road
Henley on Thames
United Kingdom

Perhaps you could mention that you heard about the project from “love to craft” and add a comment to this blog so we can look out for it too.

Here is a picture I have taken on the weekend where I was lucky enough to visit the Knitting and Stitching Fair at Alexandra Palace. I thought it might inspire you a little 😉
yarnbomb taxi

Thank you so much, I cannot wait to see the end result.

happy crafting


Oh so good to be back

Hello happy crafters and other lovely people.
We have had a long summer break filled with sunshine and memories. Delighted to have had a break, but even more delighted to be back and crafting with friends.
Our Thursday class has proven to be so popular that we now have a Wednesday morning and a Wednesday evening class. We have all been really busy in the holidays too ( not only crafting 😉 )
I have almost completed my summer cardigan – now that we are on our way to cooler days……… I will show a picture once it is complete.
Kate ( or should I say Kate 1) has completed her lovely crochet blanket, she has made it so beautifully.
Kate K crochet blanket
Kate 2 has started to knit for the first time in 20 years and has made fantastic progress with a scarf, all ready for colder days.
KateG scarf
Looking for a quick project? Look no further: The wool is from Katia and called Onsas

ondas scarf

This can be found online at various stores and is available in lots of beautiful colours. The instuctions are simple and you will have it done in no time at all. No need to let anybody know how quick it is to complete, this is only for us to know 🙂

I have also been given a challenge from Kate 1 – I need to perfect how to knit basket weave. Well I’ve been practising hard and I’m please to say that I now know how to do it 🙂 🙂 ( very proud)
If you would like to follow me on pinterest you will find a gorgeous scarf in this design. Now we need Kate 1 to knit it.

I would also like to tell you about a fair which will be held next Saturday 21 September. It is the Tweseldown Artisan Market and it looks like the place to be. It has been created to support local and independent designer makers, artisan food producers and vintage and antique sellers. I cannot wait to get there.

So this is all for now – have a happy weekend

lots of love


a royal baby

IT”S A BOY!!!!

Great news and excitement all round. It is always great to hear that a long awaited baby has arrived. Delighted to hear that all is well…….and look what I found?

How could this be done so quickly, how did they know?     😉royal jersey

If you would like to try your own version have a look at this link, many other great projects too.

Have a lovely royal day

Ela x

Crafting for babies

Good morning beautiful world.

The sun has been shining for more than one week and today we are expecting the hottest day of the year. What is there not to love?  Life is so much nicer and easier when the sun shines.

We have had two babies arrive in our craft group, well friends and family have had babies, so there has been lots of “baby” activity.

Have a look at this beautiful quilt which has now travelled to Norway.

Irma quilt complete


This in one lucky baby.

………and have a look at the pretty little gilet for a really tiny babydolly gilet


It was my daughters birthday too and it cannot go by without a little home made present. So we now have “Bummy”, I found the tutorial on Pinterest, so much fun to make. I added some scented granules and he smells delightful!.



No Craft morning would be complete without a little bit of something delicious, I’m afraid this is all that’s left……cake……… it was delicious and I will try and get the link to let you have the recipe too.



Next Thursday will be our last craft morning before we break up for the summer 😦 but the good news is that there will be a Wednesday and Thursday morning craft group and maybe even a Wednesday evening, starting in September. Lots to look forward to.

Have a great weekend





craft classes

We had 2 new ladies join the class this Thursday. At times it felt like my head was going to go into a total spin, there was so much energy and “creativeness”.

Irma really impressed us with her skills, especially her beautifully crochet shawls.


crochet irma 2


ltc13.06crochet Irma



Aren’t they just gorgeous? We kindly have permission to copy this technique and I cannot wait to start mine. It will be so interesting to so see how we all interpret it in our own way. I need to finish my covering for the pole across the road first. It is comming on nicely  🙂




We are having a 2 week break, how exciting it will be when we meet again. I wonder how far we have gotten with our projects?


happy crafting x