Here we go……..

Well what do I say? Not going to make excuses, but just so you know I’m back 🙂

I have (finally) managed to create my very own website and am lucky enough to keep it very plain and simple

It is still very much in its infancy, I will be working on getting it better as I go along.

For this I would like to have your help please. Please be honest with your critique, I’m happy to hear all your recommendations.

Other than that I have been very busy knitting, sewing, cooking and eating…. The ladies I teach are all so creative a wonderful inspiration to me.


It is this time of the year again Unravel at the Farnham Maltings is taking place on Friday 16th – Sunday 18th February


unravelIf you are lucky enough to get to it, I highly recommend it. Workshops, talks, exhibitions and so many lovely suppliers, you will love every minute of it. It is not only about knitting, but also about crochet and other bits and pieces to do with yarns.


Please let me know what you have been doing.


lots of love


Ela x






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