no news is good news…

Hello my dear friends, fellow bloggers and followers.

Yes, it has been a while, but don’t worry I have not been resting too much I have been knitting. What else?

I have been very spoilt these last few weeks. My parents visited from South Africa and arrived bearing gifts. For me the most wonderful stash of Bamboo knitting wool. Its called Vinnis Colours, Serina and is made in South Africa and Eco-friendly 🙂 The colours are so vibrant I cannot wait to get knitting with it.

My mother also brought along some additional balls so I could knit a snood for her, while she was here. I loved knitting with it. It has the most wonderful drape, however this also means that the garment seams to grow once worn. Something to bear in mind when working out the size.

I presume this serves me right, I cannot get any photographs to upload? I will have to add these next time, so sorry 😦

Big news for today is that Mrs Moon is having a really fabulous sale, do have a look, I’m sure they will sell out in no time. Once again, thanks to my Mom, I have managed to buy some Blue Sky Alpaca, Metalico. This must be the softest, most luxurious wool I have knitted with. Remember my shawl? It is the perfect time on year to wear it.

I will be in touch very soon….

love Ex