knitting the continental way

…..would you like to knit faster? Learn how to knit the continental way, “pick”  your knitting instead of “throwing”.

Friday 28th November 2014 11am – 1pm £25

This will  help you tremendously if you are wanting to knit fair isle, have tired hands from the constant motion of throwing the yarn or if you would like to be a looser knitter.

Ela's knitting

Please bring along some wool and  suitable knitting needles.


Price includes material, a lovely cup of tea and hopefully whatever has come out the oven that day.

Classes will be held in Sunninghill.

100% payment to be done at the time of booking. Maximum of 6 students per class.

Full refund of payment can only be given if the space can be filled by another student. Should I have to cancel a workshop, which is highly unlikely you be entitled to a full refund.

Please have  a look at my fb for further workshops and updates.

love E x 

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