learn to knit workshop

So, here we go………my workshop schedule coming up.

Habu woolLearn to knit for beginners 

Saturday 25th October 2014    1pm – 3pm    £30.

Price includes material, a lovely cup of tea and hopefully whatever has come out the oven that day.

Classes will be held in Sunninghill.

100% payment to be done at the time of booking. Maximum of 6 students per class.

Full refund of payment can only be given if the space can be filled by another student. Should I have to cancel a workshop, which is highly unlikely you be entitled to a full refund.

Please have  a look at my fb for further workshops and updates.

love E x 


Good morning……..


A very kind friend of mine has kindly donated all her craft bits and pieces to Love to Craft. Most of which are completed tapestries which just need blocking and making up. She must have spent years doing all the embroidery.

There is one piece that has just been started and I would like to auction this with all proceeds going to Macmillan.

Caroline Tapestry

All wools and the frame are included to complete this lovely tapestry.

The auction starts right now and will end on Sunday 5th October at 6pm. I have posted this on my facebook page too, so I’m hoping to be able to get maximum exposure.

Please would you help me to reach as many people as possible?


Thank you so much, have a fabulous weekend


love  Ex

lovely September

I’m really sad that our Summer is slowly but surely coming to an end, however I’m loving our September. The days start and end crisp and chilly and are so sunny and warm during the day.

We are all enjoying getting back into our various routines, being school, work or taking Tiger for longer walks, (she is allowed a 20 minute walk now 🙂 ).


It also means that we are back at our craft classes, with news ideas, new members and tons of creativity. Ann has wasted no time and has already completed her first project.


She bought the waxed fabric while on holiday in France and Voila, an apron is made! See, it really is that simple.IMG_5828

There are many things to look forward to in the next few weeks, longer nights do mean more time to knit, right?

Lots of talk going on about The Handmade Fair being held at Hampton Court next week (19th – 21st September)

the handmade fair
I have not decided yet if I will be going, then again I really ought to, don’t  you think? It would give me loads of new blog material and some creative ideas and finding new suppliers and,  and,  and…………
It is also the time to start thinking about seasonal gifts, yes we do need time to prepare. I will be offering several workshops in felting, wet and needle and also knitting the continental way and in the round while using different wools at the same time.
I hope that you have all had a great summer and look forward to hearing about your projects
love E x