A new member in our craft group

Tiger has been with us for 2 weeks now and apart from the widdles and other accidents we absolutely adore her. Yes, her name is Tiger and I’m convinced that her fur is starting to show a few stripes already.

She has decided to join our craft group, yet we still have a while to go till she can master the knitting needles.

Tiger woolThe blanket I had made her is still in one piece, however our toes seem to have a few little bite marks on them. All part of growing up.


I’m still enjoying my Blue Sky Aplaca, Metallica shawl that I’m knitting. It is almost complete, which delights me, yet also saddens me as I really enjoyed knitting this so  much.

The universe provides though, look what landed in my inbox yesterday?

tank top

I get the news letter from Purl Soho and this pattern is free ( I do like a free pattern).The only draw back is the  wool used for this tank top is called Miky way from Anzula at $45.30 per skein.The wool is 80% milk protein and 20% superwash merino.

Maybe it is just as well that is not available in the UK. I could order from the US, but the postage is expensive too. So, I will be searching for a wool that would look just as beautiflul. Do you have any suggestions?


As you might have notice I like to talk about bits and pieces that I like and if I really like something a lot then I will blog about it too 🙂 I would like to remind you that all my “likes” are my opinion and my opinion only. Please do your own research if you would like any further details etc.

Right now I’m really liking coconut oil. It has so many uses and I love the taste as well as the smell. During my research I cam across WellnessMama and 101 uses for coconut oil   You will be amazed. I make and use the deodorant and can honestly say it is fantastic.


Hopefully this has given you something to think about. Do let me know if you use coconut oil too.


Have a great weekend


love E x

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