We are back

thursday class
Oh yes, we are back and are full of spirits and many creative ideas.

Kate has started her first jersey, which will be so lovely. Lisa has delighted us with her stitched, embroidered and printed place-mats.

Charlotte and Kate are embroidering linen tea towels which this far are for display only. I would not want anybody drying their hands on these either.

Rachel is just about to complete her rather glamourous cardigan – well done for not giving up, it is looking stunning!

Michelle is very patiently embroidering the finest most delicate cross stitch I have ever seen. It will take a while to complete, but will  be one of those pieces which will stay in the family for many generations to come.

We have 2 new members, a big welcome to Amanda and Nicola who have introduced us to the world of Crewel.

amanda and nicola

I did not have the faintest idea what Crewel was, but thanks to A&N I now do.

Amanda crewel

This is so beautiful, you need to see it up close to really appreciate the delicate embroidery.

I’m also very pleased with my blouse which I made in the Easter break and have now entered in the C&H Sewing Bee Competition.

I used a Liberty Lawn, a lovely fabric to work with.

It even has shoulder pads, oh yes, remember those ?

Please hold thumbs for me, hopefully I should hear back by the end of May.


I hope you are having a great week too.

love E x

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