the rain will not stop us…….

Hello from the very wet and windy Ascot.

We do live on an Island, but unfortunately a very damp one at the momet. Luckily for us we have our crafting to keep us busy and smiling.

Kate has  inspired me to knit while overseeing the homework. It keeps me calm, no matter how long the homework takes. Should it take a little longer? Oh goody,another few rows done 🙂 I actulay look forward to homework time now as does my daughter. Far more importantly, she is making great progress too.

We have all been rather busy, Michelle could be persuaded to “disguise” a few holes on her favourite jumper with some needle felting michelle jersey lovely result and done in no time at all.

She also completed her first knitted project, a really lovely hat Harrison Hatespecially when being modelled by such a cutie.


Lisa, as always, rustles up master pieces in no time Lisa bird cushion 1 and Kate has been making quilts for her daughters friend!kate birthday quilt Exactly , just what I thought, we need to get on that friends list 😉

Kate has also been busy knittingKate scarf. I just love the colours of this scarf. kate scarThe wool is from Noro and is available in many stores, best to look it up on line.

I have been a little busy too. I have made a coat, a really warm coat, so if it stops to rain and start to snow I’ll be just fine. Ela's coatIt’s actually a lovely pink, sorry not such a good picture. It was great fun to make, except I ended up with very pink fingers and a very pink iron?

I hope you are well and dry and look forward to next weeks crafts.

happy crafting E x

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