We have been so busy……….

Hello again.
I have so many lovely things to share with you. The lampshade I was talking about is almost complete. You have to agree that this will be the highlight of the new home it is going to!
Lorraine lampshade

I have completed my Alpaca jumper, it has even had it’s first outing 🙂Ela xmas jersey….very toasty indeed.

A little while ago a friend sent me a rather distressed message, she had washed her merino wool jumper and it was less than half the size. Did I have any use for it? As I never say no, I gratefully accepted and after a little thought and input from my lovely craft ladies made the sleeves into wrist warmers.Leila handwarmers It was so much fun and even nicer that I could give her a little something of her jumper back. So don’t despair should you end up with a small jumper, turn it into a piece that you will love again.
Lisa is back on the sewing machine, in no time this beautiful cushion was made.Lisa bird cushion
Caroline is getting better and better at crocheting caroline box and Ann has learnt to sew with her brand new sewing machine. Ann HiggensAnn Cushion

Natalie has been creating gifts for family and friends and Iola is cursing me as she is staying up till the early hours in the morning to complete her projects.Natalie scarfNatalie Iola

Michelle has started to knit too, watch this space……..

As you can see, we have a real melting pot of craft and a lot of fun too.

Have a fabulous week

happy crafting E x

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