Advent, Advent….a busy weekend

Yes, what a busy weekend indeed. We had my mother in law visit, so instead of just sitting and chatting I was crafting and chatting. As we do most of our chatting at the dining table, it ended up being a very productive weekend for me.
Luckily it is December the first today and the first Advent too.
I managed to felt two stockings, thank you SO much Rachel for bringing along the lovely picture which inspired me so much! I had all the raw materials so all I need was some time, and as we chatted till the early hours of the morning not one, but two stockings were done.embroided stocking

xmas stocking plain

It was so much fun making them – I’m very tempted to slip them on the my feet as I’m sure they would be so cosy 🙂

I finally completed my first crochet project and am very proud of my scarf, green crochet scarf ela it is so toasty.
…………..panoramam advent kalender

……..and then of course the Advent Calendar which is created every year. I did the easy option this year and wrapped only 24 little chocolates and not 48. Just as well as the girls did not even notice. I love the smile first thing in the morning.annika advent kalender

It is starting to feel a little like Christmas noel flowers and slowly , but surely we are adding a few bits and pieces to decorate the home.
I thought I would make a different Advent wreath this year, spot the little Christmas tree on the roof of the car. adventskranz

All we need is a little bit of snow and some more hours in the day….

Hope you are having fun crafting too.


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