Felting a hat!

what an exciting weekend I have had. I’m still smiling and it has inspired me so much to do more felting.
I was so lucky to go on a felt hat making course taught by Gillian from Gilliangladrag in Dorking.
There were only three ladies one the course which made it very intimate and left lots of room for me to ask so many questions. We chose our shape and colours and off we went. If you have wet felted before you will know what I’m talking about, if not you just have to try this.It is so much fun.ela hat spots
Little did I know that you have to try on the hat during the felting process which means it is totally wet and very soapy too. Makes perfect sense, just so glad I was not meeting anybody on my way home.
Here is my finished result, I’m really proud and happily looking forward to the colder weather. ela final hat
I brought the hat home only for it to be taken by my daughter who is delighted with it, however this one I will not share……yet:-) I might just have to make another one.

I found a lovely design on Pinterest I believe it is from GAP? anyway I made this into a card for our anniversary, just so cute and even easier to copy.Iouu owl
Lots of activity from our lovely craft ladies tooMichelle xmas skirt
This will be a skirt for a Christmas Tree – how amazing is that?! It has taken a while, but I know will look absolutely beautiful when complete.

So looking forward to seeing my ladies tonight and tomorrow morning. I’m sure there will be lots to talk about

Happy crafting

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