Crazy crochet man


Crazy crochet man

Thus crazy crochet man inspired me to knit myself colorful cardigan. It’s a long process so hopefully i can show you the results in couple weeks.

In 1964 my friends started calling me Spooner because I was making animal shapes using melted and bent plastic spoons. The name stuck. I started my art business in 1967 in Haight-Ashbury. My first products were ponchos. I thought of them as security blankets to wear. That led to my company name. From there I made my living crocheting in New York, Interlochen, Boston, then Ann Arbor where I reside today.

He grew up in Kalamazoo MI, where he learned to crochet from Grandma. Spooner says that his unusual clothes is a good way to draw the attention of famous people)

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