Page 3 girl ;-)

Can you believe this? I have become a page 3 girl and all because of my yarn bombing. There was an article about my new ventures in the Ascot News as well as our Villager newspaper.

ascot news 27.06.13


I’m not able to find the link to direct you to the article, however it is very  kind and does talk about my craft group too. If you are interested to find out more, please get in touch.


Have a great weekend – jay the sun is shining



Yarn Bombing round 2

Back to yarn bombing we go.

I have been knitting like a mad women (which some of my friends now think I am) and have completed my second project. A very rusty pole opposite our house.

The vote is out – which do you prefer

the before

pole before


or the after?

pole after


I know where my vote goes. Once again, there have been so many kind comment from passers by, I love making my environment pretty.

Did you know that it is international yarn bombing month this month? I had no idea, but have seen some posts about it.

Now what will I cover next………?


Hope you are all having a great week




craft classes

We had 2 new ladies join the class this Thursday. At times it felt like my head was going to go into a total spin, there was so much energy and “creativeness”.

Irma really impressed us with her skills, especially her beautifully crochet shawls.


crochet irma 2


ltc13.06crochet Irma



Aren’t they just gorgeous? We kindly have permission to copy this technique and I cannot wait to start mine. It will be so interesting to so see how we all interpret it in our own way. I need to finish my covering for the pole across the road first. It is comming on nicely  🙂




We are having a 2 week break, how exciting it will be when we meet again. I wonder how far we have gotten with our projects?


happy crafting x

Yarn Bombing

I did it!!!

It was so much fun to knit a cover for our telephone mast, and on the weekend I finally managed to stitch it on. No sooner was I out there, help arrived and my kind neighbour helped secure the “coat” while I was stitching.yarn bombimg 1

I was very pleased that all people who walked past, loved our new home accessory too:-)

yarn bombing 2

I love the finished project, although looking at the photograph, maybe it needs to have a few additions?

Before I do that I have started to knit a cover for a very rusty pole opposite our home. Who knows what this might lead to?

I would love to see our village being transformed.

yarnbombing 3

Happy crafting xxx

love to craft

I have finally followed my passion and have started a crafting group for ladies.

We will be knitting, sewing, stitching, beading, felting and will be inspired by each other to.

A little flyer has been designed and printed, really pretty (thank you Emily) and this is out in all the local stores etc.

love to craft logo

We had our first class today, with three very inspired delightful ladies, glorious sunshine and delicious lemon cake.

All ladies have arrived with projects in mind:

Lisa with a quilt made out of old tablecloths

Leslye with a quilt that has been waiting patiently to be completed

Charlotte with various crochet projects on the go.knitting 06.06.13 group pic 2

I’m in the process of knitting a cover for the telephone mast on the corner of our drive. I would like to have it up by Saturday. There is a Summer Fete at the end of our road, so this might brighten the road a little 🙂

Ela's knittingI will take a picture of the finished project.

An interesting observation this morning: If you are right handed and you do your ironing (yes some of us do it our selves :-)) where do you place your iron? On your left or your right side? Apparently I have been doing it on the wrong side all along as I place it on my left even though I’m right handed. I will definitely give it a try and let you know how I got on.

Happy crafting xxx